You know that "whoa, why didn't I think of that?" feeling? It's one of our favorites. It means you've happened upon something really, well, clever—something that solves a problem that's always bugged you, or makes your life weirdly easier. It can be small, like a perfect little bathroom trash can that hides the liner (ugh, yes), or much bigger, like a modular sofa designed to be arranged in endless combinations. Space-savers often come under this distinction: Anyone whose ever pined for a desk but lacked the empty floor space will get a thrill when they see Montana's wall-mounted Secretary Desk, which not only stores all your cute pens and tapes but simply folds down when you want to use it. Did we mention it comes in the best colorways?

We spot super functional, surprising products like this from time to time when we're putting together stories for Clever, so we decided it was high time to make it official. Meet the Cleverest Awards 2018, fifty products for the home that stopped us cold in our tracks—you're really going to wish you thought of these first.

Cutting boards are needed in almost every meal prep scenario, so why not invest in some that look good enough to leave out at all times? Belgian duo Muller Van Severen makes a colorful set that hang on the wall and can be easily mistaken a work of art. Kitchen, upgraded.

This riff on of the ubiquitous clamp lamp, that hardware store staple, by designer Inga Sempé is as practical as it is punchy. Clamp anywhere, plug in, then tilt the diffuser to direct the light wherever you need it.

A shelving system that grows with your book/tchotchke/crystal collection. Start with one of Tortuga’s pyramid-shaped brackets and polished wood shelf, and continue to add to it as needed. The only constraint for this modular system is your wall space.

Plywood sofas are trendy, but zero-waste furniture is even more buzzy these days. Now, you can have both with Fn Furniture’s F1 sofa, miraculously constructed from a single sheet of plywood. That means no extras trees were harmed in the making of your furniture, and at well under $1k, you can feel good about dressing it up in a plethora of new pillows.

What boomboxes were to the 80s, portable speakers are to the present moment: You gotta have one, but which? This hyper-blue stunner from Ultimate Ears emits 360º of super-rich sound, has 16 hours of battery life when fully-charged, is waterproof, and can be voice-activated with Alexa.

6. Org Deskscape System by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Pat Kim, $250, ladiesandgentlemenstudio.com7. Radar Metal Side Table by Nomess Copenhagen, $280,

Tidying up doesn’t have to mean hiding things away. This bright red side table with a storage slot—ideal for working from the sofa—and sculptural desktop storage set turn organizing into an art form. They make the basic things we use everyday (books, pencils, sticky notes) appear 10x more interesting.

When you realize you forgot to finish the water you put in this pitcher (#fail), its long, stem-like handle becomes a spout for watering your plants with the leftover liquid (#winning).

If you don’t have a secret laundry room to hide that disappointing plastic litter box, invest in one that doubles as a chic bench or stool. Your cat will appreciate the upgrade and your home can remain 100% stylish.

A foldaway mechanism means this minimalist bike rack practically disappears into the wall when it’s not in use, giving everyone full access to the hallway while you’re out for a spin.

In your heart of hearts, you’ve probably wished for a bigger TV and then quickly suppressed the impulse because it would all but take over the living room. May we suggest instead this miniature Sony projector that produces a 22”-80” image on a blank wall at the touch of a button?

A secret compartment in the middle of this dining table lets you store cutlery and serveware out of sight—and more specifically, out of your already-cramped kitchen. Psst, the cavity’s lid becomes a trivet when you flip it over.

PSA: You can officially put off washing your bedding a little longer and not feel bad about it. These organic cotton sheets are threaded with natural fibers coated in... silver, which reportedly gets rid of 99 percent of bacterial growth.

No one would ever guess these psychedelic panels aren’t just beautifying your apartment, meanwhile they're actually muffling your roommate’s shenanigans.

15. Totem by Estudio Persona, $3,600, store.leibal.com16. Factory Candle by Eno Studio, $48,

Less is definitely more. Take this minimalist totem by Estudio Persona that dismantles into two stools and a side table, and Eno Studio’s set of tapers that don’t require a candlestick.

For anyone feeling excited by the prospect of smart lighting but less so by the prices—and maybe even by the fact that your LED light bulbs have another decade on them before they burn out—there’s this discreet smart plug, which will make your existing lamps phone- or voice-activated.

Calling everyone who thinks their apartment is too small: If you’ve got room for a bookcase, you’ve apparently also got enough storage for a table and chairs. Thank Orla Reynolds, who designed this genius storage system to discreetly house a full, colorful dining set between the openings.

Over-decorating an entryway is a bad idea—the more available surfaces to drop your stuff, the more clutter! All you need is this little bowl (for your keys) and hanger (for your coat) combo, and that wall by the door will suddenly be something you can confidently call a foyer.

Happiness is only a light switch away! Chromotherapy is a popular mood booster and now you can get a heavy dose of positive colored light in the comfort of your own home with Studio Mut’s—admittedly expensive, but so worth it—lamp series for Preciosa.

You could pepper your utensil rack with a bunch of ordinary s-hooks and watch them clatter to the ground every time you remove a skillet—or you could opt for Nak Nak’s curlicue q-hook design, which is just as simple but won’t ever fall off.

Made of four parts—three wood shapes and a metal grid—this bench is basically an oversized puzzle, except this one has endless configurations.

This is the end of fussing over the light dimmer. Noon’s Room Director, which replaces your standard light switch, adjusts the room’s brightness for you based on whatever you tell it you’re doing (breakfast, entertaining, movie night) at the moment.

With its minimal steel frame, architectural tiered drawers, and super-smart back wheels, the Sutoa from Frama is the most functional storage chest we’ve ever seen. Tilt it back to wheel your stuff to another part of the room, or remove and nest the drawers if you’re moving apartments.

It's hard to get excited about a trash can. But a trash can that hides the unsightly plastic bag is actually very exciting in our book! Canadian design duo MSDS Studio found a sleek way to deter attention to the garbage part of a trash bin so all you see is a wonderful example of form meets function.

Amateurs need not search exclusively for “low maintenance” house plants. Light and Ladder’s ceramic self-watering planter disguises an efficient system of hydration for thirsty plants inside a timeless design.

27. Note Wall Mounted Secretary Desk by Peter J. Lassen for Montana, inquire for more info,

And you said you didn’t have room for a desk. (But if you’d rather not take work home with you, this fold-down, wall-mounted workspace doubles as a bar.)

28. Pivot Shelf by Hay, $88, huset-shop.com29. Anywhere Vases by Fruitsuper, $38 for a set of 3,

Things are not always what they seem. Corners that jut out into a room do not scream storage opportunity! But all that changes when you meet this brilliant little Hay shelf that wraps around most corners seamlessly. Same goes for a glass of water: ordinary enough, until it’s topped with a Fruitsuper Anywhere Vase and two flowers.

Renter’s insurance is good and all, but in the event of a break-in, video evidence would sure help your chances of getting your stuff back. Enter this motion-activated, indoor security camera disguised to look and work like a cool table lamp.

The inconvenient truth about the whole terrazzo trend: It’s crazy expensive to install and so much of a look that who knows how you’ll feel about it five years from now. But also, so pretty! The best solution we’ve seen yet is Chasing Paper’s temporary terrazzo-print wallpaper line, which allows you to get in on the super trend without emptying your bank account.

You could keep stuffing your wet umbrellas into a dedicated trash can, or hanging them where they get all your coats wet, or you could get this grass-inspired stand that holds up to eight of them perfectly upright and catches the water that dribbles off them. Tough choice!

Big, rectangular rugs are officially boring us to pieces now that we know about Kinder Modern’s modular Ground line. Choose from 37 hexagon, diamond, and triangle mini-rugs that can all be used alone or fit together in endless combinations.

Air purifiers tend to look industrial and bulky (exactly like you would imagine air purifiers to look). But Blueair offers a highly-efficient device at a smart price that also looks nothing like an air purifier. Nobody will notice that quiet box in the corner that is stealthy filtering allergens and pollution. Unless, of course, you opt for their vibrant color options like Diva Blue or Crystal Pink.

Give your hard-working knives the home they deserve. Zwilling’s magnetic knife block keeps these kitchen essentials at arms length (and fits any size knife!). Plus, the Italian-made solid beech wood is sturdy enough to serve as a stylish end for that ever-growing cookbook collection.

We never imagined there could be a more advanced way to make ice (save for buying a huge, expensive appliance). But, oh there is! Icebreaker is a freezable pack that stacks in any position in your freezer, and when you twist the contraption, ice cubes pour right out into your drink. You’ll never go back to popping or twisting bulky ice trays again.

Small-space dwellers, we found your hero. New Made L.A.’s 2-piece chair arrives as two flat slats of baltic birch that are easily fitted together to make a striking modern seat. When you need space for everything else, dismantle the pieces and hang or lean ‘em on the wall.

Made of the same leather as Hender Scheme’s footwear, this patchwork rug is not only guaranteed to stand up to wear and tear, it’ll develop a rich patina as it does so.

You never knew you needed a bread board till now. The deep grooves of Hay’s Field cutting board trap runaway crumbs so they don’t end up, well, everywhere else. Complete with a minimal Scandi design, this board can also be a stunning serveware platter or trivet.

It’s time to say goodbye to your Billy Bookcase. Hem’s Lift shelves, which are inspired by the scissor lifts you see on construction sites, ship flat, assemble in minutes (without tools!), and can be stacked or wall-mounted to work wherever you need storage.

Just like the fruit salad it’s named for, this tile is at its best when it’s put together at random. Two complementary patterns and four mix-and-match colorways make this very easy.

If you thought 3D printing was for the future, think again. Gantri works with independent designers to create design-forward lighting from a sustainable corn (you read that right) using 3D printing technology. The manufacturing process is 80% quicker than traditional production, making the price tag equally impressive; all lamps are under $200!

Is it a sofa? Is it two twin beds? No, it’s both! IKEA’s stackable beds serve as a place to lounge or a spot to sleep, depending on what’s going on that day. Just unstack or stack them.

Anybody who has been to a cocktail party has faced this universal problem: how to hold a plate of food and your glass of [fill in the blank] while mingling about. Problem solved with Mepra’s outdoor-ready plates that have a built-in notch to rest your stemware. Who’s ready to party?

We couldn’t not include Dyson’s famous blade-less fan (it’s so quiet!), and this one is the perfect size for an apartment.

On top of coming in lots of different fabric, these modular sofas are tailor-made to the exact measurements you specify, down to the inch. But the add-on accessories, from trays that fit over the backrests to puffy movable armrests to pull-up side tables, take the cake.

Clean water is great, but those clunky plastic jugs most filtration systems come with are not so great. Thankfully, Fferrone designed this elegant glass carafe that is compatible with Brita water filters, so your clean water can go everywhere with you, from the dinner table to the nightstand.

Never crawl under your desk to reach the outlet again. The end of this 6-foot extension cord, which features two 110V outlets and 2 USB ports, can be mounted to the wall where you actually need it—right by your nightstand, desk lamp, kitchen counter, etc.

Surprise! One of the otherworldly bumps on this blackened cherry-wood candlestick is actually a removable container for strike-anywhere matches.

Scent-sensitive humans, rejoice: You can adjust the strength of this aroma diffuser (there are ten levels) and schedule it to turn on and off automatically via its app. Bonus: Each cartridge lasts 60 days.

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