The HST Turbo Compressor is being billed as the market leader in low-pressure compression. The global agreement between the companies covers sales to all industries, focusing on Sulzer’s key industries such as pulp and paper, food, metals, mining and chemical processing.

The aim of the partnership is to replace existing technologies, such as oil-free screw compressors, in these applications. The high-efficiency turbo compressors, developed and manufactured by Tamturbo, produce oil-free air that does not contaminate the product. They typically supply 3–10 bar pressure to industrial compressed air networks – at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Core to the cooperation deal is the high-speed technology with active magnetic bearings. The application of variable frequency electrical supply and advanced control technologies also plays an important role in the products. The flow mechanics are optimised by advanced calculation to make sure no energy is wasted. The HSR line of high-speed turbo compressors that Sulzer launched in December 2018 builds on this advanced technology.

Olli Kuismanen, director of partnerships at Tamturbo, said: “The cooperation with Sulzer to transform the industrial air compressor market by combining our accumulated capabilities will bring financial, environmental and reliability benefits to customers globally. We see strong potential in accelerating the technology disruption with Tamturbo’s sustainable products also in the industrial medium-pressure compressor market.”​

Saku Vanhala, product portfolio manager at Sulzer, said: “We are happy to provide the necessary backbone and muscle to our customers’ effort to save energy, provide safe and clean air to the processes, and to make sure that unnecessary breakdowns and hefty maintenance bills are history in the field of oil-free compressed air.”​

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