Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. I am seeing a lot  in my daily quest through alternative energy news, but what I have learned is that energy is not free, perpetual motion machines do not exist, everything is taken from somewhere and put elsewhere.

There also is this so-called “free energy”, the zero-point energy, proven mathematically by many scientists. My duty as a green optimistic is to collect everything I see someone has struggled explaining and demonstrating, put it in one place and let the people see and comment. Such is the example of this magnetic motor.

But there are also “green pessimistic” websites. When they see something out of “common sense” boundaries, they freak out and scream something like”omg, this can’t be real! I need no proof! I must not think of this! Perish, Satan!”

I took such an article today as an inspiration because it talks about a magnetic motor, one of my favorite free energy topics, about which I haven’t heard much lately.

Here is the whole process of transforming the free magnetic energy into mechanical energy, explained by the invention’s author (Sandeep Acharya):

“Think of Two Powerful Magnets. One fixed plate over rotating disk with North side parallel to disk surface, and other on the rotating plate connected to small gear G1. If the magnet over gear G1’s north side is parallel to that of which is over Rotating disk then they both will repel each other. Now the magnet over the left disk will try to rotate the disk below in (think) clock-wise direction.

Now there is another magnet at 30 angular distance on Rotating Disk on both side of the magnet M1. Now the large gear G0 is connected directly to Rotating disk with a rod. So after repulsion if Rotating-Disk rotates it will rotate the gear G0 which is connected to gear G1. So the magnet over G1 rotate in the direction perpendicular to that of fixed-disk surface.

Now the angle and teeth ratio of G0 and G1 is such that when the magnet M1 moves 30 degree, the other magnet which came in the position where M1 was, it will be repelled by the magnet of Fixed-disk as the magnet on Fixed-disk has moved 360 degrees on the plate above gear G1. So if the first repulsion of Magnets M1 and M0 is powerful enough to make rotating-disk rotate 30-degrees or more the disk would rotate till error occurs in position of disk, friction loss or magnetic energy loss.

The space between two disk is just more than the width of magnets M0 and M1 and space needed for connecting gear G0 to rotating disk with a rod. Now I’ve not tested with actual objects. When designing you may think of losses or may think that when rotating disk rotates 30 degrees and magnet M0 will be rotating clock-wise on the plate over G2 then it may start to repel M1 after it has rotated about 25 degrees, the solution is to use more powerful magnets.

If all the objects are made precisely with measurements given and the rectangular cubic magnets are powerful enough to rotate more then 30 degrees in first repulsion then the system will work.

Here friction and other losses are neglected as magnets are much more powerful. But think of friction between rotating disk and Shaft, it can be neglected by using magnetic joint between them.

On the left primary measurements of needed objects are given. If you find any reason of not running this mechanism let me know.”

It seems to me that this is basically the Perendev motor presented in the same-named category of our blog. Perendev was charged of scamming some people and even served for a while. Still, maybe someday someone will be able to produce free energy by using magnet motors.

I read your article and got some ideas about building of energy magnetic motor. Hope now I can build up easily following your instruction.

Free energy only occurs when u use less than 99% of energy generated to generate the same energy creating contenios Cercle event.

I read your article and got some good idea about build an energy magnetic motor. I think its the best tutorial for building a magnetic motor without cost. Thanks for your valuable tutorial.

11 year old post but it never ages. Those serious about learning the real science behind some of the actual free energy devices, not the frauds found on YouTube, should watch “Free Energy Device Build and Science”: by a real professional electrician, especially the second half where he digs into further details.

I think that this “professional electrician” is so stuck to solidly frozen science alphabet, I myself downloaded a very rear experiment that shows a practical, live, and scientific-based magnetic motor that works very powerfully, but when I wanted to watch the same channel again I have found that it was deleted, hence we KNOW that there are few gangsters are playing unfair. Anyone wants me to send him that video, just whistle, lol.

In order to succeed producing an ever-spinning magnetic engine, some say one should use a Mobius strip.

GREAT DISCUSSION: Really good and realistic topics are being discussed here sic!. As my own experiments tend towards your earlier conclusions but i must stress the following. 1.Keep rotor weight light and that is a must. 2.Use only the exact amount of magnets you need as w too many magnets the rotor wont run right. 3.Friction is the main killer of magnet motors as too much weight means the magnet impulse will not spin the rotor and the back drag and emf wave will kill both the current and rotation sic. 4. Balance and the bearing in the rotors is also a critical factor function. 5. Your field magnets must be angled carefully and 45% is a good place to start, as if they do like the YouTube guys and place the field magnet directly across from the rotor magnet it will fail as the heavy drag of ‘back pull’ will kill the rotation, As for me 3 magnets with one on the bottom to give a constant down pull works best tho by keeping rotor weight light and use a down pull I admit I’m cheating a bit as I am also using gravety down pull to help overcome the weight of the magnets on the upward pull etc. LAST POINTS: Forget the YouTube ideals of hooking a drive belt to the rotor as that will never work????? My experiments seem the indicate that the Magnet Motor seems to work best as an energy harvester where you can position coils both hollow and bifilar to grab electric energy from the magnets as they spin by. My rotor of 3.5 in or the diameter of a common c.d. seem to work best with one or 2 downward pulling magnets and 3 machine nuts on the rotor to pick up extra energy, Naturally bigger rotors will require more balance and likely more magnets but remember lightness and balance and the angle of the draw magnet are critical regardless of what size rotor or wheel you use.

Someday I’d like to try an 26 in bicycle wheel w a large neodymium magnet on the bottom as a draw and 2 or 3 large metal bolts with mini coils as a draw but a friction less bearing on a wheel of that size is gonna be a bear, still the smaller motors show me a large wheel is possible but the design will take some doing.

I am not doing much w magnets now as i am working on a Kapahanize Coil to draw electric from the atmosphere to help some guys build a ‘Electronic Car’ that can run from ‘Atmosperic Electricity’ and without a battery too!.

My Last Words are you guys keep trying with Magnet Motors as my small ones show they are possible, And Tom Beardon built one back in the 80s tho he admitted he could never get the motor to spin fast , Plus some Japanese guys also built one awhile back as i saw their Video, But they were having trouble with the Magnets overheating and loosing energy!.

But please keep trying as sooner or later ‘somebody’ has to come up with something that works!. JOE

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Free energy only acour when u use les than 99% of energy generated to generate the same energy creating contenios cercle evect .

Magnetic motors are technically not “free energy generators,” you get kinetic energy in exchange of “magnetic force,” as the magnetic field will get weaker in heat and vibration over time.

You all have the wrong idea of a PM drive. Too limited like the Zero point itself. a Permanent magnetic motor need much more than 360 degrees in its circle or cycle, and thats where you all get zeroed because in your minds there is only 360 degree in one revolution. You can build a PM only in a ring, You all know a Permanent magnet motor must run, because there is energy to harvest. But where you all fail is that you can not understand that you can get more than 360 degrees in one revolution because thats where theyve limited your thinking in “education”. Now you all wonder together on this site if its possible or not

Your design is so close, I would love to discuss a different design, you have the right material for fabrication, and also seem to have access to a machine shop. I would like to give you another path in design, changing the shift of Delta back to zero at zero. Add 360 phases at zero phase, giving a magnetic state of plus in all 360 phases at once, at each degree of rotation. To give you a hint in design, look at the first generation supercharger, take a rotor, reverse the mold, create a cast for your polymer, place the mold magnets at 63 degree on the rotor tips, allow the natural compression to allow for the use in a natural compression system, original design is an air compressor, heat exchanger to allow for gas cooling system.[email protected]

Very helpful information share. Another Baumueller servo motors provide very helpful service. Looking forward to more great information

yes although you need to point out that the magnets aren’t exactly perpendicular and that both rotor and stator magnets are at angles in repulsion. That way repulsion sends the rotor to the next alignment of magnets in what seems like an unlimited fashion!

In what way do they get depleted? The only way I can think of is having the field flux wear down the fields by striping magnitude off but even then magnets usually just add to the field rather than deplete it

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Ok to clear this up, magnets lose their magnetism over long periods of time. Even they only have a limited amount of energy, so while this may work for a while, it will eventually slow down and stop.

unless you re- charge the magnets before that time so really if the timings done right it could keep power generated from its own power built up from rotation and generated energy via say dynamos that in turn every so often re charges the magnets just saying nothings impossible if its looked at in a different way

Hey Lucy , I am also a out of the box thinker , I wanted to say I read your comment and applied it to a few equations, and I think you are on to something how ever may need some fine running. I am here in McDonald’s at 3.11 a.m and I have a real deep inner belief in FATE or whatever people call it now in time. I am here in Ontario . Now starting to show, trying to introduce self reliant heating systems . And I am a great great fan of Nikola Tesla. Anyways hope this reaches you.

yes if you understand the atomic structure when everything is made up of molecules that are formed from perpetual energy atoms of different categories than everything that exists anywhere and everywhere is perpetual electricity which drive that electron at the speed of light around the proton. If you remove that electron off the proton then you only would have weight mass that has no consistency like the black holes in outer space just gravitational force. So there, every thing is perpetual electric energy

dear all Good afternoon did any ony try ( Perendev Motor, a Free Magnetic Energy Generator ) does real i have built the same but it freeze i need diagram if is it possible also i need high speed and torq too thank

Free energy motors are fun once you get a good one work8ng, however no one has gotten rich off of selling them. I’m a poor expert on free energy. Yup that’s right poor. I have designed 8 motors of all kinds. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and still no pay offs. Just many threats and hacks into my pc and a few break in s in my homes. It’s all true. Big brother won’t stop keeping us down. I’ve made millions if volt free energy systems. Took a long time to figure out.

Blood Viking, or anyone that has managed to get a magnetic motor working with significant force being created, please contact me if possible.

I am Trevor Chandler, Greater Denver Area, look me up on LinkedIn to get my contact info or send a message, I’m a scientist, inventor, technology expert.

Well obviously there is no “free energy” anywhere. The magnetic poles that hold the earth together aren’t free either. The earth, along with the sun, are burning a bucket load of energy that, over time, will run out.

But that’s not to say we can’t get a LOT closer to free energy in the form of much more EFFICIENT energy to where it looks like it’s almost free. Take LED technology as a prime example. The amount of energy required to make the same amount of light has been reduced so dramatically that a now mass-produced gravity light is being sold on Amazon (and yeah, it works). The “cost” is that someone has to lift rocks or something every 20 minutes.

It seems to me that we could do something LIKE this with magnets, and potentially get a lot more efficient than maybe the gears of today. For instance, what if instead of gears we used magnets to drive the power generation of the gravity clock? A few more gears and/or smart magnets and potentially, you could decrease the weight by a LOT, and increase the time the light would run 10 fold. Now you have a “gravity” light that a child can run all night long without any need for a power source using the same theoretical logic as is proposed here.

Oh, and take a look at the smart magnets that are being built now. Hmmmm… Maybe a good design of these could make this so-called perpetual motion much more close to pure efficiency so that, with just a bit of a nudge now and again, it could ACT perpetual???

Free energy? Ridiculous. “Conservation of Energy” is one of the most fundamental laws of physics. Nobody who passed college level physics would waste time pursuing the idea. I saw a comment that everyone should “want” this to be true, and talking about raining on the parade of the idea, but after 200 years of trying the closest to “free energy” we’ve gotten is nuclear reactors.

Everything I read up till now ignores the latest scientific thoughts that energy can be obtained from adjacent universes. New ball game guys!

A magnet is not stored energy waiting to be unlocked. They require action to get any reaction. But let’s say a magnetic motor could work. It would take all of it’s resources just to move. Where is the extra power for you to use? Nothing is free and there is no alternative to work.

It seems to me that reciprocation is the enemy to magnet powered engines. Remember the old Mazda Wankel advertisements? No “boing, boing” … What I am finding is that the abrupt stopping and restarting requires more energy than the magnets can provide. They cannot overcome this. So what I have been trying to do is to use a circular, non-stop motion to accomplish the attraction/repulsion… whadda ya think?

If anyone wants to know how to make one, contact me. It’s not free energy to make a permanent magnet motor, without a power source. The magnets only have to be arranged at an imbalanced state. They will always try to seek equilibrium, but won’t be able to. The magnets don’t produce the energy, they only direct it. Think, repeating decimal….. I have the blueprints. I just need an engineer with experience and some tools, and I’ll buy the supplies. [email protected]

Most Truthful Comment, Magnetic motor must be in inequilibrium, so that when magnet try to find equilibrium it keeps rotating to find equilibrium and that will not happen at certain point when we reach that Zero Point. No Laws has to be broken, we are just trying to transfer Magnetic Energy into Angular Motion or Linear Motion.

even if big companies have discovered free energy exist then there would be a series problems. 1. a lot people would be out of a jobs. 2. Currency would fluctuate because we don’t have much use for petroleum which gives a country power. 3. Manufacturing cost would go down. 4. Cost of food would drop 5. Cost for internet would drop 6. Your electricity bill would drop tremendiously

and thats fine, TO HELL With that useless labored system, we dont need to make people suffer for being Taxed to Use The modern world.

have you tested the theories and hypothesis of free energy. Do you have valid evidences that free energy doesn’t exist unless you haven’t tested any of these for yourself then you have doubts about free energy, you aren’t sure of what you are saying because you have no evidence to prove that free energy doesn’t exist

i honestly do believe that magnetic motor generator do exist, phyics may explain many things but there are somethings thar defly those laws,and we do not understand it either, tesla was a genius and inspired,he did not get the credit he deserved, many of his inventions are at work today,induction coils,ac, and edison was a idiot for not working with him, all he did was invent a light bulb. there are many things out there that we have not discovered yet nor understand yet

It is possible to conduct the impossible by way of using a two wheel rotating in different directions with aid of spring rocker arm inter locking gear to matching rocker push and pull force against the wheels with the rocker arms set @ the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for same timing. No further information allowed that this point. It will cause a hell lot of more loss jobs if its brought out. So its best leaving it shelved until the right time.

when two discs are facing each other (both on the same shaft) One stationery & the other able to rotate, both embedded with permanent magnets and the rotational disc starts to rotate as the 2 discs are moved closer together (and a magnetic field is present), will a almost perpetual rotation be created or (1) will the magnets loose their magnetism over time (2) get in a position where they lock or (3) to much heat generated between the 2 discs or (4) the friction cause loss of rotation or (4) keep on accelerating and rip apart. What is the opinions? James

We can have powerful magnets producing energy easily. We need to stop listening to articles that say what we can’t have. Life is to powerful and abundant and running without our help. We have the resources and creative thinking to match life with our thoughts. a lot of articles and videos across the Internet sicken me and mislead people. The inventors need to stand out more in the corners of earth. The intelligent thinking is here and freely given power is here. We are just connecting the dots.

One trick to making a magnetic motor work is combining the magnetic force you get when polarities of equal sides are in close proximity to each other, with the pull of simple gravity. Heavy magnets rotating around a coil of metal with properly placed magnets above them to provide push, gravity then provides the pull and the excess energy needed to make it function. The design would be close to that of the Howard Johnson motor but the mechanics must be much lighter in weight so that the weight of the magnets actually has use.

There is another way to make it work while the generator is horizontal but requires more moving parts and different sized magnets aligned from biggest to smallest and an apposing magnet that provides the push to move back and forth at the correct time.

If any of you have truly invented a perpetual motion machine that can do useful work, please let the news media know about it. I can well imagine that most news outlets would love to carry a story on this. So, come on, if you’ve done this, prove it.

We made it, yes today’s the day. We finally made it, we’ll be placing it in a car. We’ve applied for a patent too, will be publishing under Dinclix GroundWorks company.

Just wanted to get an update on the project EMF motor ypu invented which you placed in a car. Im very interested in your project.

A lot of people could do well to ignore all the rules of physics sometimes. Rules are there to be broken and all the rules have done is stunt technology advances. Education keeps people dumbed down in an era where energy is big money and anything seen as free is a threat. Open your eyes to the real possibilities. Tesla was a genius in his day and nearly 100 years later we are going backwards. One thing is for sure, magnets are fantastic objects. It’s not free energy as eventually even the best will demagnetise but it’s close enough for me. I am currently designing my own magnet motor.

hi you probs wont even look here no more. did u ever start making your magnet motor if so what was your out come from the experience thanks

In therory it works but why only allow the magnets to do the work on their own. Take the energy created by the rotation/stored energy and harness it into a electomagnet and increase the output. You would yield more usabale power than needed to operate the unit. One would only need to manually start it and it would run on it’s own afterward. I’d call that success!

hii…. everyone i am dying to know that if a free magnetic energy exist if you have succeeded to some extent please guide me how to make that happen….. as you said you are very close to it. you can rotate a wheel perpetually.

I’ve been watching with great interest this concept and idea. I think a lot of people get caught up on the words used here and take each one literally. “Free Energy” “Perpetual Motion” I see this as neither but more so a potentially cheaper alternative to high price electricity providers.

I like to think that something like this is possible as our species has achieved many things others thought impossible and how many times has science changed the thinking almost on a daily basis due to new discoveries. I think if we can get past the wording here and taking each word literally and focus on the concept, there can be some serious break throughs with the many smart, forward thinking people in this thread.

Let’s just say someone did invent a working free energy or so called engine. How do you guys suppose a person sell such a device so billions and billions of dollars without it getting stolen first? Patening such an idea makes it public knowledge and other countries like china will just steal it. Such a device effects the whole world. How does a person protect himself from big corporations and big countries assassinating him? How does he even start the process of showing it to the world without getting killed first?

I’m working on a magnet wheel generator. I’m very close. Almost got it spinning forever… Still have more magnets in the mail to help me with the cogging.

repulsive fields were dreamed up by Tesla in his AC induction motor invention. Look in your car engine and you will see one. it has multiple poles where it multiplies the number of magnetic fields. sure energy changes form, but also you don’t get something for nothing. most commonly known as the 3 phase induction motor there are copper losses, stator winding losses, friction and eddy current losses. the claim of a 6 times wattage increase in the ‘free energy’ invention simply does not hold water. Automatic and feedback control concepts such as PID developed in the 1940’s or so are applied to electric,mechanical and electro-magnetic (EMF) systems. For EMF, the rate of rotation and other parameters are controlled using PID and variants thereof by sampling a small piece of the output, then feeding it back and comparing it with the input to create an ‘error voltage’. this voltage is then multiplied. you end up with a characteristic response in the form of a transfer function. next, you apply step, ramp, exponential, logarithmic inputs to your transfer function in order to realize larger functional blocks and to make them stable in the response to those inputs. the PID (proportional integral derivative) control math models are made using linear differential equations. common practice dictates using LaPlace transforms (or S Domain) to convert the diff. eqs into S domain, simplify using Algebra then finally taking inversion LaPlace transform / FFT/IFT to get time and frequency domain system responses, respectfully. Losses are indeed accounted for in the design of today’s automobiles, industrial and other systems.

let’s look at the B field of the earth and recall how any magnet works; if you pass a current through a wire it generates a magnetic field around that wire. conversely, if you move that wire through a magnetic field normal(or at right angles) to that field it creates flux cutting current in the wire. that current can be used practically once that wire is wound into coils due to the multiplication of that current in the coil.

further, i am an FCC licensed amateur radio operator who has experimented with antennas since the mid 1980’s. you don’t know what is and what is not possible until you experiment with it.

if there is any truth to energy in the Ether and whether there is any truth as to George Westinghouse upon being presented by Tesla his ideas to approach all high areas of learning in the world, and change how electricity is taught i don’t know(because if real, free energy to the world would break the bank if individuals had the ability to obtain energy on demand). i have not studied this area. i welcome others who have to contribute to the discussion. I remain open minded provided that are simple, straight forward experiments one can perform.

I have some questions and I know that there are some “geniuses” here who can answer all of them, but to start with: If a magnetic motor is possible, and I believe it is, and if they can overcome their own friction, what keeps them from accelerating to the point where they disintegrate, like a jet turbine running past its point of stability? How can a magnet pass a coil of wire at the speed of a human hand and cause electrons to accelerate to near the speed of light? If there is energy stored in uranium, is there not energy stored in a magnet? Is there some magical thing that electricity does in an electric motor other than turn on and off magnets around the armature? (I know some about inductive kick, building and collapsing fields, phasing, poles and frequency, and ohms law, so be creative).

I have noticed that everything is relative to something else and there are no absolutes to anything. Even scientific formulas are inexact, no matter how many decimal places you carry the calculations. Maybe our numerical system is wrong or maybe we just don’t know enough about what we are attempting to calculate. Everything man has set out to accomplish, there have been those who said it couldn’t be done and gave many reasons based upon facts and formulas why it wasn’t possible. Needless to say, none of the ‘nay sayers’ accomplished any of them. How long is perpetuity? Is that not a relative term as well? If something stops ten minutes after you die was it not perpetual to you? You may be able to think of a time ten thousand years in the future, but if you aren’t there, what does it matter.

I am trying this thing myself according to my own ideas and others and I will learn a lot in the process, either way.

It could work the main problem is when you try to add a generator to the shaft the magnet wheel will slow down and stop.

If a machine can produce more energy than it takes to operate it, then the theory will work. With magnets there is a point where North and South meet and that requires force to get by. Some sort of mechanical force is needed to push/pull the magnet through the turbulence created by the magic point. Inertia would seem to be the best force to use but building the inertia becomes problematic unless you can store a little bit of energy in a capacitor and release it at exactly the correct time as the magic point crosses over with an electromagnet. I am experimenting with this type of machine right now and not having a lot of luck doing it. It has also occurred to me that most of the inventors on the internet are not very successful for if they were they would be closely guarding their secret while reaping in the benefits of their creations. Win or lose, it matters not,the fun is in the education and the adventure.

What if we take the idea that the magnetic motor is not a perpetual motion machine, but is an energy storage device. Let us speculate that we can build a unit that is 80% efficient. Now let us say I want to power my house for ten years that takes 100,000 Kwhrs at $0.1048 /Kwhr . So it takes 125,000 Kwhrs to make this machine. If we do this in a place that produces electricity at $0.03 per Kwhr, we save money. The machine can then be returned and “recharged”. Another thought is short term storage of solar power. It would be way more efficient than battery storage.

The solution is to provide a magnetic power source that produces current through a wire, so that all motors and electrical devices will run free of charge on this new energy source. If the magnetic power source produces current without connected batteries and without an A/C power source and no work is provided by a human, except to start the flow of current with one finger, then we have a true magnetic power source. I think that I have the solution and will begin building the prototype. My first prototype will fit into a 3-inch cube size box, weighing less than 1 pound, will have two wires coming from it, and I will test the output.

Many things in the past seemed impossible, like transmitting your voice thousands of miles through the air. People said it was impossible. Now we have radio communications. I believe there

are things about the universe that we don’t understand yet and anything is possible. If you believe something is possible, don’t give up because others don’t believe it possible.

Hi guys, for a start, you people are much better placed in the academic department than I am, however, I must ask, was Einstein correct, with his theory,’ matter, can neither, be created, nor destroyed” if he is correct then the idea of a perpetual motor, costing nothing, cannot exist.Those arguing about this motor’s capability of working, should rephrase their argument, to one which says “relatively speaking, allowing for small, maybe, at present, immeasurable, losses” but, to all intents and purposes, this could work, in a perpetual manner.I have a similar idea, but,by trying to either embed the strategically placed magnets, in such a way, as to be producing 50, or, 60 Hertz, this being the usual method of building electrical, electronic and visual electronics.This would be done, either on the sides of the discs, one being fixed, maybe a third disc, of either, mica, or metallic infused perspex, this would spin as well as the outer disc, fitted with the driving shaft and splined hub.Could anybody, build this? Another alternative, could be a smaller internal disk, strategically adorned with materials similar to existing armature field wound motors but in the outside, disc’s inner area, soft iron, or copper/ mica insulated sections, magnets would shade the fields as the inner disc and shaft spins. Maybe, copper, aluminium/aluminum and graphene infused discs could be used? Please pull this apart, nay say it, or try to build it?Lets use a slave to start it spinning, initially!!

In some areas Eienstien was correct and in others he was wrong. His Theory of Special Realitivity used concepts taken from Lorentz. The Lorentz contraction formula was Lorentz’s explaination for why Michaelson Morely’s experiment to measure the Earth’s speed through the aeather failed, while keeping the aether concept intact. Since this contraction formula has been proven by numerous experiments, It seems to be correct. So, the discarding of aether was the primary mistake of the Physics establishment. Empty space is not empty. It has physical properties, an Impedance, a constant of electrical permittivy, and a constant of magnetic permability. Truely empty space would have no such properties! The Aether is seathing with energy. Some Physicists like Misner,Thorne, and Wheeler in their book “Gravitation” calculate that a cubic centimeter of space has about ten to the 94th power grams of energy. Using the formula E=mc^2 that comes to a tremendous amount of energy. If only a exceedingly small portion of this “Zero Point Energy” could be tapped – it would amount to a lot! Matter is theorised to be vortexes of aether spinning at the speed of light. that is why electron positron pair production can occurr in empty space if a sufficiently electric field is imposed on that space. It that respect matter can be created. Many researchers feel that magnetism is one way to tap this Zero Point Energy. Many free energy machines use this concept. Joeseph Newman’ patented Energy machine, which I have examined and verified that it creates more energy than it uses, works using magnetism.

The comments on articles like this prove one simple thing: most people don’t have the first clue what they are talking about and are not able to properly think things through. One simple formula proves what you are all talking about is NOT possible: E = MC^2

All the energy that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist within the universe is EXACTLY the same amount as it ever has been, is, or will be. You can’t create more energy. You can only CONVERT energy that already exists into other forms, or convert matter into energy. And there is ALWAYS loss. Always. There is no way around this simple truth of the universe, sorry.

There. You said what you needed to say. Now you can stop being a dick on everyone’s threads. Go away and let us have an adult discussion.

Why does it hurt your feelings so much to have someone with actual knowledge of the topic try to teach you about it that you have to call me names?

There is a serious problem with your argument. “Grant me one miracle and we will explain the rest.” Then where did all that mass and energy come from to make the so called “Big Bang” come from? Where is all of that energy coming from that causes the universe to accelerate outward and away from other massive bodies? Therein lies the real magic doesn’t it? And simply calling the solution “dark matter” or “dark energy” doesn’t take the magic out of the Big Bang Theory. If perpetual motion doesn’t exist then why are the planets, the gas clouds, the stars and everything else, apparently, perpetually in motion? What was called religion yesterday is called science today. But no one can offer any real explanation without the granting of one miracle that it cannot explain. Chink, chink goes the armor.

The fatal flaw in your comment is your assumption that all the energy and matter (which is just energy, actually) was created at some point. Current information shows that the sum total of all the energy in the universe is zero. Everything you think of as existing…is nothing.

//Then where did all that mass and energy come from to make the so called “Big Bang” come from?//

Don’t know, but it’s not relevant to the discussion here. We aren’t living in a singularity before time and the laws of physics we know today.

// Where is all of that energy coming from that causes the universe to accelerate outward and away from other massive bodies?//

//Therein lies the real magic doesn’t it? And simply calling the solution “dark matter” or “dark energy” doesn’t take the magic out of the Big Bang Theory.//

There is no magic involved. You just want there to be to support your desire for fantastical things to be real.

// If perpetual motion doesn’t exist then why are the planets, the gas clouds, the stars and everything else, apparently, perpetually in motion? //

They aren’t perpetually in motion. The planets are slowly getting closer to the Sun and eventually won’t exist. Energy is being lost slowly over time.

//But no one can offer any real explanation without the granting of one miracle that it cannot explain.//

No, not really. Frankly you are simply another person here who lacks an education in science and is therefore easy prey for snake oil (and perpetual motion machine) salesmen.

The real chinks are in the idea that perpetual motion machines are possible and can be used to generate unlimited free energy.

You asked about the planets as if they are such machines. But they aren’t. Do they spin and orbit for a very long time? Yes. Forever? No. But let’s assume for the sake of argument that you could set a celestial object in motion and keep it from ever contacting another object so that it moves forever. (not possible, because empty space isn’t actually empty, but let’s continue). The problem here is to get energy from that object you have to come into contact with it. This simple contradiction dispels your idea. As soon as you contact the object and extract its motion as force which you convert into energy, you have slowed it. The longer you continue the more it slows until it is no longer moving. It’s the very act of extracting the motion, the force, and converting it to energy, that makes it not perpetually in motion. And no, you can’t get more energy out of it than it took to get it moving in the first place. Because this is how the universe works, and it’s a proven fact. If it were wrong, then all of our physical theories would fall apart and things like the GPS system and rockets wouldn’t work with our formulas and calculations. But they DO work, thus validating the laws of physics.

Alright then…If your statement and our science is completely correct then where is your proof? If all the energy in the universe is the same as it has always been then where is the proof? Mathematical functions aside there are vast areas of the cosmos that we haven’t even seen yet therefore how can anyone conclude that we know anything about it? We haven’t even been beyond our solar system but you think that we can ascertain what happens with the laws of physics is a galaxy away? Where’s the proof?

“Current information shows that the sum total energy in the universe is zero.” Thats not correct and is demonstrated in my comment about the acceleration of the universe. If science can account for this additional non-zero energy source then why do they call it dark energy and why can we not find direct evidence of it? There is much that our current religion cannot account for.

Why isn’t this scientific theory of the Big Bang relevant? What makes it so in your mind because the source of energy and how it is produced or extracted is precisely the argument here. So saying that it doesn’t matter is no argument.

So what if force and energy are “confused.” It takes energy to produce a force. Whether or not the equations you are familiar with account for it or not. Energy must exist to cause a force in any direction. PE = m x g x h, the force of gravity being relavant here for instance.

“There is no magic involved. You just want there to be to support your desire for fantastical things to be real.”

Um, lacking a feasible explanation or even tangible evidence for this thing our science calls the Big Bang puts it into the realm of magic. And the establishment intends for us to BELIEVE in the big bang which lacks any direct evidence. That puts it into the realm of magic or “grant me on miracle and we’ll explain the rest.” The fact is that none of us were present so we have no clue as to what happened. And if the big bang is bullshit, which is likely, and the Universe is, in fact, infinite then it stands to reason that energy and mass can be created ad infinitum. Just because we don’t know the rules or methods of construction or destruction doesn’t mean that it is not possible. It just means that we haven’t figured it out yet.

You frequently attack my arguments as wishful thinking but don’t offer any decent argument against. You just simply say that I want there to be such and such to support my ideas. Very effective argumentation.

As for perpetual motion, if you can show me a heavenly body that is absolutely stationary then you win. But that has never once been observed. Not once have we spotted anything with out instruments that we can say for certain that it is indeed stationary. So perpetual motion is not only real but it is inescapable. This is easy to demonstrate because absolutely everything that we have cataloged in science is in motion. Nothing in the universe is stationary. So the real question is why do people think that perpetual motion is impossible considering that we have never observed anything that is contrary to motion. Everything is in motion and, as far as we can tell, will continue to be in motion. Sure Newton’s laws are applicable here and the cause and effect of those motions are also worthy of investigation. Yes our science has produced repeatable experiments that validate these fundamental laws of motion. But these laws are relative to the frame of reference. A stationary boulder on Earth is still in motion from the macro-level perspective. But then how can anything be stationary in a continually expanding cosmos? Where is that energy the produces the force? Where does it come from? How can anyone make the absurd claim that the energy in the universe is constant and yet be unable to account for the acceleration of the universe’s expansion. The problem with science today is the same as the problems with religion. We want to believe that we have a firm grasp on things so we accept our scientific conclusions until experimental results force us to modify those explanations. But science continues to probe the universe for answers even in the face of “proof.” That is science. Always probing for a better, more complete explanation of what works and what doesn’t. But to make claims about knowing the universe, its energy, its mass and so on is hubris and any scientist acknowledges the real possibility that our science could be proven wrong at any given point.

Oh my thats quite an argument. Very deep. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot upvote? Go be miserable elsewhere alysdexia…

Like! It would be great to discuss the subject a little more, I am trying to build a small magnetic generator my self my Email [email protected]

As i was say perpetual motion as we ubderstand it is not perpetual. The stars and planet will go on in there motion for billions of years but will tgen stop that energy will change and start new motions creating new stars and systems for adding other ones. Our lives are but insignificant in the big picture of our universe. As for my thought on its origins i would like to say it was a friction of dimensional space. If you would like a more in depth version of my thoughts on this matter i plan on writing about over the coming months and love a hood conversation.

There are different types of energy and I highly doubt that all that ever was, is or will be and remain equal. By creating energy one has increased the amount there currently is. As mankind progresses we will find new ways to create or use the forces of “energy” whether it is dark matter, black holes, gravity, solar winds, ocean tides, wind, solar, thermal, fossil fuel or magnetic.

There IS always loss in all designs thus far that does not mean a machine cant be built that captures all forms of normal energy loss in the future as you said you canot create energy only convert it. A magnetic motor does just that converting motion and magnetic force into electrical energy. Ive been working on a prototype for years that would run in a vacune and utilize magnetic bearings cutting out all possible friction. Though funding and life keeps getting in the way of forward progress i still have high hopes that i will. Create a working prototype that doesnt rip itself apart. And yes it will not be perpetual but it should last about 400 years before dieing if my calculation have been right at which time i hope we will have many better resources.

You are really an a**. I went through 3.5 years of pre-Vet. I went to one of the top HS. In America ( Culver Military ) and have what most would consider a strong education in Science, Mathmatics and anatomy, however I can’t and never could spell well. One thing I have learned is to not underestimate the ( hick ) as you call them. You know the type. They speak slow with a drawl. Wear jeans with tears in them. Maybe a piece of hay sticking out of their mouths. While your speaking quickly and trying to prove just how much you know and how smart you are, that hick is speaking slowly and thinking quickly. He is already 3 moves ahead of you because he listens, speaks factually and will flees you out of every dollar you have if the hick has the mind to. My old neighbor wore green work pants pulled up over his work boots like a flood was coming and sported a wife beater t shirt. He had 800 acres in a area where property goes for $150,000 an acre. Oh, and that old hick also owned the Detroit Red Wings and has a hockey trophy named after him. So go talk in a mirror where you can smile because the only person that cares about what your saying is looking back at you.

E = mc^2 has nothing to do with your premise. It no more means vis and mass interconvert than V = abc mean volume and width interconvert. Rather they are proportionate.

The stupid old motor proposal in this story notwithstanding, the big bang circumvents the first law by a trick in arithmètic. I’ll copypaste my YouTube comment that compactly disproves all four laws:

youtube.c​om/watch?v=1hYYdmjuDac Ye’re all retards. Fowler’s law is overridden by Pauli’s law, where in general there must be gaps in heat transfer spectra and broken sýmmetry between the absorption and emission spectra within the same medium and between disparate media, and Malus’s law, where anisotropic media like polarizers selectively interact with radiation. Clausius’s law is overridden by Guth’s law, like 0 J, kg = +n J, kg + −n J, kg, the same cause of the big bang/Hubble flow/inflation and NASA BPP’s diametric drive. There mass and vis are created and destroyed at the same time. The Einstein field equation dictates that a near-flat univers has similar amounts of positive and negative matter; therefore a set of conjugate masses accelerates indefinitely in runaway motion and scales celerity arbitrarily. Kelvin’s law is overridden by Poincaré’s law, where the microstates at finite temperature are finite so must recur in finite time, or exhibit ergodicity; therefore the finite information and transitions impose a nonMaxwellian population always in nonequilibrium, like in condensed matter’s geometric frustration (“spin ice”), topological conduction (“persistent current” and graphene superconductivity), and in Graeff’s first gravity machine (“Loschmidt’s paradox” and Loschmidt’s refutation of Maxwell’s equilibrium in the lapse rate). Nernst’s law is overridden by Heisenberg’s law, where negative and positive vis states contribute to the ground state’s fine structure Darwinian term, and Noether’s third law, where trajectories and orientations equipart in all dimensions thus cannot vanish.

Hi Paulin. I am myself a physicist, and I have also learned the same concepts standard formulas transmit. However, 2 points are relevant. 1. The equations on physics and the concepts one can extract from them are aimed to describe how the universe works and are dependent on empirical evidence, not the other way around. Thinking that equations and the concepts behind dogmatically rule empirical phenomena is falling into pre-illustrative times. 2. Particle and quantum physics have actually gotten results that break classical thermodynamics law of conservation of energy. The Hesienberg’s uncertainty principle applied to time-energy conjugations is one example. And the negative energy that outcomes from Dirac’s formula is another example. Bottom line… I think it is important to be as less dogmatic as possible and follow the steps that Francis Bacon started for how science should developed itself.

My Name is Don**** S***r and i have made a Magnetic motor. The solution to infinite energy is explained in the bible. But i will not reveal it since it could change our civilization forever. Transportation and space travel all together. My company will reveal it to thw public when its ready. My only hint to you is the basic element that was missing. Its what we experience in a everyday matter. Its possible.

hello all. free elec is possible.! reason i know. i have built such.i offer anyone to a challenge .you put your money where your mouth is.! i am sick and tired of you people with a closed and misled mind. i am a semi-retired Physicist who has worked for black op projects. you contact me and lets set it up. [email protected]

Why isn’t somebody thinking about drawing energy from the magnetic vortex field instead of repulsion alone? Thoughts?

Hmmm… seems you’ve unearthed the buried skeleton from under the very foundation… lol.. you’re seriously funny!

It takes energy to create work. An object in motion is displaying work. Hold one magnet down and put another next to it with like poles. The 2nd moves. That is work. It is done entirely by magnetic field interaction.

No, it doesn’t. You don’t understand what these words mean. It doesn’t take energy to do work. it takes force to do work. F=MA

The “F” in the formula is FORCE so here is a kick in the pants for you. “The force that a magnet exerts on certain materials, including other magnets, is called magnetic force. The force is exerted over a distance and includes forces of attraction and repulsion. North and south poles of two magnets attract each other, while two north poles or two south poles repel each other.” What say to that?

perpetual motion machines, … the same senseless talk over and over again. Do you know what this means really?

so every solar panel is a perpetual motion machines !! every windgenerator is a perpetual motion machines !! every atomic plant is a perpetual motion machines !!

Do you know why this knowledge about magnetic engines is so rare and noone who achived it talks about it?

btw, the hoover-damm-generator must be a perpetual motion machines also !! we’re taking more out than we put in !!

No, you don’t get more out of it than you put in. You are forgetting that all you are doing is harvesting energy from somewhere else: the Sun. You cannot create energy. Impossible. All you can do is convert energy. Solar panels convert energy from the Sun into electricity. Every second of every day, the Sun slowly is running out of fuel. And solar panels are extremely inefficient. They only CONVERT a small percentage of the energy that they collect.

Btw, can you please explain why a solar panel that has no motion could be considered a perpetual MOTION machine?

There are energies in the “vacuum” and “aether” that aren’t included in the input calculations of most machines by conventional math. The energy DOES come from a source, but that source is ignored in their calculations. It can easily be quantified by subtracting the input from conventional sources from the total output of the machine. The difference is the ZPE taken in.

Sorry, but conjecture about “vacuum” and “aether” are proven wrong hundreds of year old “science.”

Everyday tons of sea water up and down about 2meter high, Billion ton of sea water… It’s come from moon gravity.. It’extract magnetic atractive to Potensial energy..

I’m up for it and have been thinking on this idea since 15, i’m 23 and now an engineer, my correction to this would be simple and mild. think instead of so many magnets (4), use 2 but have them designed not flat but slated making the magnets forever push off of each other, you would need some seriously strong magnets for any usable result but it should fix the problems and simplify the blueprints. P.S. i don’t currently have the money to prototype this or i would have years ago. Good luck!

What energy rotates magnet 1 so it turns magnet 2? Your time would likely best be spent seeking a refund from whatever school you went to.

Solar cells, wind turbines, solar heating are our current forms of so called “free energy” and despite high initial cost and some drawbacks, does serve a cleaner and viable purpose but what about air? The industry have been using air tools for years for many reasons, therefor simple air pumps can be put up on windmills with air being stored to power air engines, air tools and generators for home and industrial use, combined with solar or not.

I might be repeating someone here but have you tried , well first the two magnetic fields cant attract they push the other away cant you drill a rotor from a car wheel on its spindal at an angel and make something to house around the spindal like a shoe drilled the opposite but as to push the rotor in the same direction as you drilled

I’m trying to build a magnet motorized bike. I have a pretty good theory but I need a listener (that has a good relationship with magnets) to tell me if I’m just obviously wrong. To me it’s just so simple.

You haven’t considered what would cause the first magnet to rotate. therefore, you are obviously wrong.

So by answering you exactly the same way you asked, I am a jerk? wow, ok. You said magnet motor. That’s what this page is about. And no, they don’t work. Not only do you need an external source of energy to move one of the magnets, you also won’t be able to find magnets strong enough to convey the rotational force you need.

You still have not heard the idea at all. You have no idea what you’re even being so negative about. Just lay off.

Why do you keep saying I haven’t heard the idea? Did you read the page you’re commenting on? It is very clear about the idea.

Calling me negative for understanding basic thermodynamics is like calling me negative for telling you jumping off your roof and flapping your arms isn’t going to allow you to fly.

You are commenting on my comment. I never said anything about my idea, only that I had one for consideration for someone with a good relationship with magnets to ponder. You haven’t got one ounce of an idea what I’m talking about. Therefore, you are only looking for an argument that doesn’t exist. You are feeding off your own negative energy. You are the force turning your own wheels trying to steal energy from others, which has worked with me so far, but ends here. You will have to find another outside source of energy.

All you are doing here is spreading your negativity around. We get that you don’t think it will work. We’re still going to experiment. So move on.

Your “jerkness” is easily measured by your writings. It takes no actual meeting with you to figure that out.

The initial motion is done by the operator’s hand. Once started, the yield is all gain. So, subtract the energy of the hand starting the first movement, and you have days and days of energy profit left over. You have the most closed mind of any “educated” person on this thread. Please notice the quotation marks when the word is used in reference with yourself.

No, you don’t have energy left over. You cannot get more energy out of the system than you put in. This is basic middle school science.

I don’t have a closed mind. I have an educated mind that understands basic scientific principles. And this stuff is really basic. Like eighth grade basic.

Right at the beginning it says “rotating disc.” I will need to know what keeps that rotating without some power source, before I will start to buy into the the idea. Anything that is moving in the mechanism needs the same scrutiny – be it a piece of metal or a magnetic field. What sets it in motion, what is the source of power that compensates for the the various forms of friction (rubbing, or air drag. etc.). Friction is why we don’t have machines that make power for free. You cannot say, “I will now ignore all the friction.” that makes the analysis invalid.

“proven mathematically by many scientists.” this requires a citation so I can go to theses scientist’s

Make the case correctly, subject it to review by qualified people. It will fail to function. Because it is impossible.

excuse me, would you want to put your money where your mouth is.! if so contact me at [email protected]

no it can’t work, these motors NEVER work, people who fall for this are gullible, and people who pretend to have invented one of these are preying on people who don’t understand physics (or scams or delusional thinking) and should be dragged into the street and beaten to death

All the free energy schemes that looked like they really work when I have built them and taken them out on the ranch where i can find a spot 5 miles from a power line other any other electricity and put them in a Faraday cage they stopped running.

All the magnetic motors I’ve seen so far rotate on bearings and turn in air. Both generate friction. The more power they make the more friction and heat they generate. That all has to come from some where. Before Solar Panals farmers would run insulated wires on the top of fence posts into a transformer to make enough 115 volt AC power to run a fence charger. It doesn’t take very much. It’s annoying to pay $30 dollars a month year round when you only need a hot fence for 2 or 3 months a year on 3 or 4 farms. So some farmer used to steal power that way. Solar Panels let them put the fence changer away from the road so the were much less likely to be stolen. When the power company catches you its best to pay what ever they ask for and instal a meter. It’s lot cheaper than what it cost to lose the court case.

My mind isn’t close to new ideas. But extra ordinary claims shuch as free energy require at least some thread of evidence either in theory or a working model that has hint that its possible. Models that rattle, shake and spark that someone hopes to improve with a higher resolution 3D printer when they need to worry abouttolerances of 1 to 2 ten thousandths of an inch to get it run as smoothly shows they don’t understand a motor. The entire discussion shows a real lack of under standing. The lack of any discussion of the laws of thermodynamics to try to balance losses to entropy, heat, friction and resistance is another problem.

If your going to try to make cheap energy at least learn where to start. Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t waste your time tilting windmills.

This is EXACTLY spot on. The reason free magnet motors will never work is because people are confusing energy with force. Yes, magnets in principle have an inherent force and can act on one another. But you cannot throw a few magnets in a closed system and have their force attract and repel each other to generate free motion because a magnetic field has equal sides attraction and repulsion and any motion with the magnets that appears to utilize one would cancel out the other. The sum of energy needed to keep a system with permanent magnets in motion is going to always be greater than, even by a hairline in a perfectly designed system, than any energy that can be extracted even if that energy is only used just for keeping them in some form of rotational inertia.

@Bill  I so love this idea I have been studying this idea for awhile and I would love to get involved in some way especially with the intent to release free energy to the world this is so desperately needed

Hi bud have have a go at this failed twice but my mind will not let it go all help would be welcome many thanks

@Bill Lets do this Bill. I want to use a 3D printer to create the stator and rotors. This should allow a high quality build with lower cost. Small adjustments can be made as well by re-printing parts with slightly different measurements, etc. I am with you 100% on the no patents and no plans to make money with this. I want to free the world from this oppression.

As much as you claim this isn’t possible, many people have tried and failed many times, but once they found the right combination, they realized that they never failed, but instead found multiple ways NOT to do it, and only needed 1 way to do it… So anyone who is up for the adventure, I’m open to trying, Just let me know if you want to move forward!!!

They said the selfsame thing about my relatives. You might know them…the Wright Brothers? Or perhaps you might realize that they said the seflsame things about the guy who invented the AC power system you use right now to power that PC you use to post such tripe? You know, Tesla?

Simply put, if you don’t have actual evidence in hand, you don’t know any more than what you were told. At one point people all “knew” the world was flat, you couldn’t fly like we do in heavier than air machines, or AC power would even work. If you can’t manage any better than that, the only “fucking moron” is the one I’m talking to right now.

It’s funny that you would cling to some vague relation to great inventors as some proof that impossible bullshit is just a matter of believing. The Wright brothers didn’t waste their time on alchemy or free energy. They sought to understand the physical forces around them. And it’s not like they persevered in the face of critics telling them they were chasing the impossible, any fool could observe a bird flying to know it’s possible. You will never achieve anything even close to what they did because you are seeking to defy the reality of our world. You’ve got to understand before you can invent.

The hand of God is the power, but the power of magnetism has kept this earth turning on its axis for untold ages . No, it’s not alchemy or magic to understand the attractive/resistive force created by magnets which requires no expensive fuel to operate. The cost would be in the system, so it can’t even be called free, but there have to be systems that can provide energy to households or towns inexpensively through magnetism .

You guys have problems God granted us the knowledge to figure this stuff out of course we put a monkey wrench in our program when we ate the apple but we still have it and it is free if our mankind stop dipping their fingers in it and trying to make something off of it the government’s motto is there is a sucker born every minute and we got to take them for all they got

Well stated… it is wise to remember that all science is someone’s OPINION.. Only mathematics is pure…

Weirdly formatted repetitious come-back from a free energy nutter, I’ll probably go re-examine my life and cry over all my successful electro-mechanical projects and college textbooks.

@Bill I’ll take you up on your offer!!! I’ve been looking into this idea for a while, and REALLY WOULD LOVE to find a way to actually launch a Hummingbird Motor, and a Sundance Generator, (If you look these up on google, you will find the scam I am talking about, but I want to believe that the concept is true, I’ve seen evidence that Tesla did create something like this, and I’d like to bring it to reality, and offer it on a small scale, Household and small business like scale…

When I first began looking at the history of free energy suppression, I foolishly believed people would be interested in a machine that would economically and reliably generate energy 24/7 without the user supplying a source of energy. Eight years later, I realize people, in general, just don’t care. They’d be willing to buy it from a store fully assembled and ready to use, but not to form a group and actively build and test it in a DIY application. Unless, of course, they can patent it and make a trillion dollars. Human nature, I guess. Solar and wind devices are allowed onto the market only because they are too expensive for most people on earth to afford. Everything else I’ve seen that costs less just disappears after a company announces plans to build and sell to consumers. I seriously doubt anyone will contact me about my offer.

I would certainly be interested in learning the principals involved, I do have friends with the materials necessary if I can come up with diagrams. Granted the discussion convinces me it will work.

If they are too expensive for people to afford, nobody will buy them. So why would someone interested in making a profit manufacture something nobody can buy? You aren’t making any sense.

I know how to arrange a magnet motor so it turns on repulsion, with no need for an external power source. My biggest obstacle is I do not possess the building skills necessary to build it. It’s a fairly simple approach that I haven’t seen others trying on YouTube videos. Involves a seesaw stator, 2 spiral arrays on the same drum, and two inclines to jump each gate. Seesaw stator acts to rebalance after jumping a gate on either array, driving that side of the stator back down into play. If anyone is willing to attempt it (build it) I would happily explain the principal. Would only ask that you freely share it with others so it could spread and eventually become common knowledge. No money, no patents.

i had a dream of a similar motor awhile back (7yrs or so) that’s what made me look this up you’re the first to come close to describing what i dreamed about and i think it would work don’t give up build it . gl

Driving that side “back down into play” requires ENERGY. It is literally and completely impossible for your idea to work without an input of energy, and you WILL get less energy out than you out in. Guaranteed. Why? Because if it weren’t a guarantee then the universe wouldn’t exist for you to try it in.

Could You share with me your Idea may be we can talk about it more detail more idea Best regard A setya Budy INDONESIA

All plans COP>100% ….after overunit use QMOGEN (1 motor overunit + 1 generator) please go to “espiritosantosilva” to see my channel (if you want). my site (1bedini generator + 1bedini motor) – is QMOGEN (2wheels connected – double.bedini with 2 wheels connect

Harvey1 is correct so far. Many, many have tryed and failed. Others have posted video or more and then fade away as they have not really created such a amazing device as claimed.  I still try every few weeks. My designs or trying to replicated others. SO far, non are working and those on the web havent been found to to real either. Perhaps someday, My project will work. I have been close a few times, but it still didint work. Its a lot of fun and a bit expensive for a weekend hobby. ALoha Garry

educational site and plans learn for all ___ video : it is kick magnet by coil in the jump

Im a nobody but I also know its possible and It may only be drawings and ideas but I know I could do it…. It won’t be easy but it is possible just not as of now

LoneWolffe Harvey1 LoneWolffe The device that is shown in the diagram would not work, but the issue that Is the concern here is  different. The first problem is that people say science is a constant which in itself is true but to think as human we know all the laws of physics is obnoxious. As our laws of physics have change constantly, through history. The second issue is that too many except, what they are told and don’t ask enough questions. Yet the third is the most concerning of all Tesla once stated that by using the magnet filed of the earth it is possible to manipulate electro’s in the atmosphere to create electricity. This means that by manipulating electro you take energy from the air we all breath to convert it to usable energy. Shortly after this statement, it is knowledge that the government stopped Tesla’s research, with no reason to why. Its all well and good reading books but you still question them.

Harvey1 Just because we don’t know how something can be done doesn’t mean it can’t . Remember the Wright brothers ? There is a television series  that promotes the idea the pyramids were built by space visitors , because they don’t how they did it . The atomic bomb was once thought impossible . The word “can’t” is the biggest impediment to progress .

Philosophically speaking, if you appear to have over unity you have neglected to observe all the energy transitions involved in that particular system. Entropy. Some things that may appear to be perpetual are not, just because we cant observe for a long enough period of time. We used to believe suns would live forever through their power of fusion but have now observed that is not the case, suns fusion does have a lifetime but over a billion years is way beyond our lifetimes perception. We are so often limited by our own observation and easily miss seeing things that should be obvious. We can have seemingly free energy from sources such as the sun, wind etc. But these are not free and not indefinite. Using the suns energy is our best bet as it will easily outlive humanity. Anyone who thinks not should perhaps study the lifespan of our planets extinct creatures. It took dinosaurs millions of years to cause critical damage. We’ve been doing the same at a much faster rate. I’d be suprised if we even got close to a million years. Has anyone studied trying to encapsulate the energy of the northern and southern lights? Our planet is essentially one huge electric cell itself. But if we did this would we have the wisdom and knowledge to consider all the possible repurcussions of taking that energy?

MikeYoung 1955 version   So, it looks like Mr. Mike drops his frowning judgmental picture and pontifications on a site, and then leaves forever.   Good Riddance!

MikeYoung 1955 versionMike,  It’s so easy for the uncommitted to pass judgement on those willing to take a stand because you have no investment in either point of view. History is made by people taking a stand, the rest are soon forgotten.

I’m not on either side of this issue. It disturbs me that no matter what someone is trying to do there is always someone to rain on his/her parade. Maybe that’s a law of physics as well. I say this in all seriousness because we have a concept we should all want to be true. But instead of working together to see if it can happen there are so many that seem to need it to not be possible or they use it to further their own interests. I haven’t researched this and have only read about it a few times but the real issue that threatens us all (at least as I see it) is our inability to cooperate without attacking, scamming or just furthering our own egos (or lack of maybe). It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense. Just get over your problems and try to help make this (or any unproven concept) happen.

Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time. Wacky bullshit doesn’t. The problem isn’t people’s ability to work together.

Everyone, Thank you for the stimulating conversations. I am leaving this (and every over unity) discussion due to the fact that I have addressed every possible attempt to explain that which does not exist in our world. Just apply my prior posts to any new (or old) claims of over unity. No one can explain the fact that no device exists that anyone in a first world country can own, build or operate without the inventor present and in control. Of all the posters here, I’m certain kimseymd1 will miss me the most :).  Have I convinced anyone of my point of view? I’m afraid not, but I do wish all of you well on your journey.

EllyMaduhuNkonyaSorry, but no one on planet earth has a working permanent magnetic motor that requires no additional outside power. Yes there are rumors, plans to buy, fake videos to watch, patents which do not work at all,  people crying about the BIG conspiracy, Tesla worshipers,  and on and on. Still, not a single working motor available that anyone can build and operate without the inventor present and in control. We all would LIKE one to be available, but that does not make it true. Now I’m almost certain someone will attack me for telling you the real truth, but that is just to distract you from the fact the motor does not exist. I call it the    “Magical Magnetic Motor”  – A Magnetic Motor that can operate outside the control of the inventor with no outside power source. I challenge anyone to address that single point, and not change the subject by attacking me, talking about the government, the big oil companies, 911, Tesla, Lutec etc.

put your money where your mouth is mr know it all.! you contact me with your wallet open and full of money.! [email protected] then we will see whose ass is the blackest.!!

Harvey1, the principle of sustainable motor based on magnetic energy and the working prototype are both a reality. When the time is appropriate, I shall disclose it. Be of good cheer. I do not fear any conspiracy from any nook & corner. I am simply taking my time and my space to stage the inevitable confrontation in the frozen face of the industry and geopolitics tycoons.

Utter bollocks. You are one of those who have been brainwashed (educated) in to thinking this is not possible. Trust me, I have seen these things work. Why don’t you open your mind and have a go ? You might surprise yourself.

every elementary charge superconductors Howard Johnson motor Reidar Finsrud mobile Josephson metals fluctuation theorem

this think is complicated and confusing, its a year now I’m struggling to build this motor after work hours, I tried to build it from scratch but doesn’t work, few weeks ago when i was browsing I met someone who designed a self running motor by using computer CPU fan and Hard disk magnets I quickly went to purchase old scraped computer hard disk and new cpu fan and go step by step as the video instructed but It doesn’t work, Im still trying to make this project possible. Professionally Im a computer technician, but I want to learn Motor and magnetism theory so I can  accomplish this project and have my name in memory. I anyone can make this project please contact me through facebook so I can invite him/her to my country and make money as you know third word countries has power disaster. My facebook Id is Elly Maduhu Nkonya, or use my E-mail. [email protected]

Billion ton sea water up and down everyday, it’s reall, Just because moon gravity Billon years have been done as long as uneverse….

Harvey1 Please stick to the topic. If you have something useful to say, say it, but don’t troll people around, or I’ll close the conversation and nobody will be able to add anything to it ever again. I liked watching this thread for the past 5 years, but I see it’s going the wrong direction.

LoneWolffe Harvey1 kimseymd1 TiborKK I was only letting others that were confused that there were sources for real learning as apposed to listening to Harvey1 with his normal naysayers attitude!  There is tons of information on schoolgirl, schoolboy and Bedini window motors that actually work to charge batteries and eventually will generate house currents.  It just has to be looked at to get any useful information from it without listening to people like Harvey1 whining about learning.

Harvey1 kimseymd1 You obviously play too much video games with trolls etc. in them.  Why the editors of this forum allow you to keep calling people names instead of following the subject is beyond me.  This must be the last site to allow you on it.  I spammed the books because I thought those people were good for learning these engines which are super and there are tons of information out there for anyone to find.  You seem to only want to learn to be rude instead of electronics.  Your a typical narrow-minded democrat.  They are all liars, cowards, cheats and thieves.  For the rest of you looking for real science and not the pretend science  Harvey seems to search  look for Bedini window motors.  Those seem to be the route to generating 5kw for your house.

Harvey1 You have just proved yourself maybe a teen ager at most since it took days to create thisa disastrous and ignorant comment which has nothing to do with the forum!

Warning to all: It is becoming obvious to me that the person going under the name of Kimseymd1 is nothing but a vicious TROLL who doesn’t even believe in over unity. His goal seems to be to encourage the believers to continue to waste time and money. As a skeptic, my goal is to try and raise the standard of what is believable versus what is fraud. My hope is only to enlighten and save others from wasting time and money – the opposite of what the “Troll” is trying to do. Notice how easy it is to discredit many of his statements just by using Google. From his worthless book recommendations (no over unity devices made from these books in 5 years or more) to the inventors and their inventions that have already been proven a fraud. Take the time and read ALL his posts and notice his tactics: 1. Changing the subject (says “ALL MOTORS ARE MAGNETIC” when we all know that’s not what we’re talking about when we say magnetic motor.  2. Almost never responding to a direct question. 3. Claiming an invention works years after it’s been proven a fraud. 4. Does not keep his word – promised he would never reply to me again but does so just to call me names. 5. Spams the same message to me 10 times, claims only 3 times, then says he needed 10 times to get it through to me. He can’t even keep track of his own lies. Please do not respond to him except perhaps for a single word in caps : TROLL. That is what I am going to do from now on — and I keep MY promises.

kimseymd1Harvey1A million spams would not be enough for me to believe a lie, but if you continue with the spams, you will likely  be banned from this site. Something the rest of us would look forward to. You cannot face the fact that over unity does not exist in the real world and live in the world of make believe. You should seek psychiatric help before you turn violent.

I would love to build this and test it out.. but the diagrams is a bit fuzzy… where can I download a clearer version?

jayanth Read two books!  ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM concepts and principles by Bearden and   FREE ENRGY GENERATION circuits and schematics by Bedini-Bearden.  Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far!   NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience!  The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government!

dude perpetuum mobiles do not exist. anything using wind or solar energy doesn’t count because you’re putting huge amounts of energy in the system

rychu Read two books!  ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM concepts and principles by Bearden and   FREE ENRGY GENERATION circuits and schematics by Bedini-Bearden.  Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far!   NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience!  The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government!

Read two books!  ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM concepts and principles by Bearden and   FREE ENRGY GENERATION circuits and schematics by Bedini-Bearden.  Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far!   NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  Bearden has the credentials and knowledge to answer these questions and Bedini is the visionary for them!  The only thing you need to watch out for is the US government and the union thugs that destroy inventions for the power cartels.  Both will try to destroy your ingenuity!  Both are criminal elements!

kimseymd1 Why would you spam this message repeatedly through this entire message board when no one has built a single successful motor that anyone can operate from these books?  The first book has been out over 6 years, costs $100, and no one has built a magical magnetic (or magical vacuum) motor with it. The second book has also been out as long as the first (around $50), and no one has built a motor with it. How much commission do you get?  Are you involved in the selling and publishing of these books in any way?  Why are you doing this?  Are you writing this from inside a mental institution?

Window Motor: An electrical motor that controls the window regulator for power windows. How about, for once in your life, directly answer a question without some non sequitur answer.

Are there any tinkers here with the resources to try and build this thing for themselves? I’m not sure if this invention works or not. It certainly looks compelling, but I also know a friend of mine who worked on perpetual motion for a good twenty years with nothing to show for it. So here’s the thing. Quit asking for someone to build one for you. I’m just an automobile technician and I can see how to build it, although I think the cam needs improvement. Instead of saying “It can’t be done,” build it and prove it to yourself whether it works or not. On the other hand, this is simple mechanics, supposedly, no alchemy or black magic or “unobtanium crystals.” Instead of saying “It’s a conspiracy,” put one together and prove it. There can only be one answer. Either it works or it doesn’t work. Honestly, for both sides of the argument, put up or shut up.

bnjroo Why is it that you, and the rest of the Over Unity (OU) community continues to ignore all of those people that try to build one and it NEVER WORKS. I was 14 years old in 1959 and though of building a permanent magnet motor of my own design. It looked just like what I see on the phoney internet videos. It didn’t work. I tried all kinds of clever arrangements and angles but alas – no luck. My older brother explained that in high school physics, they learned that magnetism is not energy at all. Never was, never will be. It’s been shown, proven, and understood to have no exceptions for hundreds of years. Something that O.U. should learn but refuses to. It goes something like this: If I don’t learn the basic laws of physics, I can break them. By the way, we had a lot of fun playing with non working motor anyway, and learned a few things in the process. My brother went on to get his PHD in physics and wound up specializing in magnetism. He designed many of the disk drive plates and electronics in the early (DOS) computers.

Harvey1 bnjroo Well, at least some good came out of it then.